About Us

Vaid Satya Prakash Arya who has born in village Farmana Distt. Sonipat, Haryana. Their parents are teachers and his father had done double MA, among 5 brothers his dad was the 4th child. This family belongs from an intelligent and hardworking family. He born on 01/04/1964 in this family and completed his studies till matrix from Gurukul, and his teacher Swami Chandervesh is one of the biggest teacher of Vaid Vyakaran in Arya Samaj. Swami Indervesh who was the President of Sarvedeshik Arya Samaj. Swami Agnivesh who was one of the world biggest Sanskrit and Hindi personality. Mr. Satya Prakash Arya have taken their education and complete it with the help of these Vaids. In 1981, he has completed his BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) from a very known Institution i.e. Baba Mastnath Unviversity ( Famous for Ayurveda ). He moved to different nadi vaids in different places to complete his education in Nadi Gyan, started doing Nadi Chiktisa in 1987. By then he has working with his Ausdhallaya, he has cured different peoples from different countries. He has cured all the diseases which includes Cancer, HIV, Sugar, BP, Psoriasis etc. which includes all the diseases which take pace in human body after birth by providing his medicines which are created by their own physical presence in the pharmacy. He has made his company named " NADI VAIDYA KAYAKALP" and he has different pharmacy, gaushala which is in the name of his company, he has his house, and a farm house where he grows his medicine's raw material. He has a sum of more than 2,60,000+ subscribers on Youtube, and he has his website running in more than 40+ countries which includes Canada, America, South Arabia, Australia and many more.